What Can I Do?

Every day we read about the state of this Planet, our Island Home, and what we are doing to bring Mother Nature to her knees. It’s not easy to stay positive when we learn that three billion birds have been lost since 1970, that climate change is threatening the polar bears of the Arctic regions, and that the humans of these same areas are seeing their lives and livelihoods threatened almost to the point of extinction. So, what can one do as a single individual who cares? In truth, there are hundreds of small acts that collectively can make a difference. Participation is required, however.

There is a website, https://healtheplanet.com/100-ways-to-heal-the-planet, that offers tips to help you get started. As an example, they address noise pollution which they define as unwanted or excessive sound that can have negative effects on human health and environmental quality. It’s as easy as turning off electronics and appliances when not in use. Studies are now showing that noise pollution can be responsible for the delayed nesting of some birds whose songs are at a lower frequency and thus more difficult to hear through low-frequency human noise.

Volunteer for a local organization or cause that aligns with what is important to you. Be the person that volunteers to bring a trash bag on a walk to pick up litter. Your example can be an inspiration to others.

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